About us

We are Maximum Effort Speed and Strength Academy

What we do have is a niche offer on the northern suburbs of Sydney where we welcome anyone who is keen to put in the effort to achieve their goals and dreams. We are yet to find other coaches in our field that will take on any general population and mold them into an athlete, what we usually get when we have referrals is that "you" are not what "they" are looking for, a quick fix to make them look good.

Well we can help as we have helped numerous other athletes achieve their goals. Make you resilient, improve your communication skills, make you stronger, jump farther, throw further. Make you a better rounded person.

As Technical Director of the Track & Field programming, Ryan Dowling did not just decide to register a company and make himself a title that sounded ever so cool, no. This came with years of experience as an athlete with multiple coaches and understanding what has worked and what did not. Believe us there will be failures along the way, the trick is programming to reduce them and ensure we mitigate them occurring again. This only happens if you are honest and we can establish open communication lines. So try limit the excuses and unecessary irrelevant chat as you will be measured and found wanting.

Ryan has competed at International level in the 110m hurdles (13.65sec) and as a hurdler competed in the short sprints (100m/10.27s, 200m/20.80s), always nice to take a sprinters scalp now and then. To back this experience off with a Certificate in Coaching and an AA Level 3 Performance Development Coach accreditation.

Ashley McMahon has been supporting the Athletics NSW Association in an operational capacity as an ICT Database Specialist as well as a high level profiled athlete on the Track. Having run sub 11 seconds in the 100m for 16 years continuous from the age of 29 till 45 means he too has had good coaching over the years. Double World Masters Silver medallist (100m/10.65sec, 200m/22.03sec) and Open Mens Indoor 4 x 200m Opens National Record including a host of other Club, State and National Masters records and titles has complimented the programming on and off the Track and Gym. With a background in Olympic Lifts and being the NSW State Champion across various divisions it has transferred well to this sports code and the squad have benefited along the way.

As the Technical Director of Data & Performance Ashley is able to prescribe programming inputs and measure and gather the results that can and will directly influence the Track & Field programming. All data is captured and stored and illustrated in either easy to read or complex models, depending on your level of proficiency. Predictive Analysis is another key capability he has that completes the cycle to influence future programming and load versus intesity models and prescription. Athlete screening is also one of his passions and his coaches eye for irregularities between left and right, front side and back side dominance means we can better prepare athletes for training and offer general mobility input like active and passive stretching, myofascial release techniques and Allied Health Professional suggestions for tried and proven track results.

Along the journey we have tried products that have supported us when we were down and out and aided our return and some that have complimented our training regiment. So if we have found it beneficial then it is only fair that we share these findings with those around us. What better way to start up a store where these products and coaching services can reside in one easy to use website.

We gladly welcome anyone to contact us and have a discussion about our possible future together.

The secret to getting ahead is getting started.