High Jump

High Jump in Australia is governed by different athletic associations. Some are progressive and allow youngsters to try the Fosbury flop technique, as seen in the image above. Others have reasons for concerns that include poor running technique and strength that restricts the younger athletes from clearing the bar without injury. So those athletes are perhaps argubly better off doing a Scissor action over the bar.

These are some of the factors when selecting athletes for our squad and aligning with our philosophy that supports the athletes ability to train more than once a week.

As a jumper an athlete needs to cover the following training variables in their programming:

  • Run Based Program 
  • Mobility
  • Strength 
  • Co-ordination 

If you are taking shortcuts and by this we mean not developing them then this will have a direct influence on the components of your jump:

  • Approach / Run Up
  • Take Off
  • Flight
  • Landing

A typical training session may include:

  • Warm Up - tempo runs
  • Mobility - ground based
  • Curved runs - resisted/unresisted & loaded/unloaded
  • Mobility - mat based
  • Standing bar clearance
  • Progressive 1-2-3 stride clearance
  • Establishing Approach Run 
  • Strength Based Conditioning (French Contrast Modelling)
  • Full High Jump Clearance (3-6 attempts)

Want to come and try a Friday Fun Day session first before committing longer term? Easy, click on the link above to book your spot!