Majority of our track program is on a grass track. Regular members of the squad do get the opportunity to train and test on synthetic surfaces as we feel this is the best outcome for a developing athlete and part of our injury prevention strategy to reduce lower limb stressors.


This is where our expertise lay, both coaches have a long history with events from 60 meters to 400 meters.

We publish our progams online so everyone can see and be prepared to take the challenge.

Traditionally we would have a longer muscle or speed endurance training day and then later in the week a short speed focused session.

Given that not all athletes are as dedicated as what may be required we do allow for variations in programming for certain individuals. It must be noted that in the long term development training once a week is just not enough for the body to learn the skills required to sprint effectively, in addition there is no adaptation taking place in the body and after 72 hours of not training the body will loses that gained ability and start to detrain.


These are some of the variables that need to be considered to be effective as an athlete. It is also part of the reason why it is not ideal to train once a week, it is just not possible to train and adapt to the stimulus and goal of the session.

  • Muscle Endurance - high repetitions with medium intensity
  • Speed Endurance - medium repetitions with high intensity
  • Strength - resisted sled pulls & gym based lifts
  • Co-ordination Drills - hop drills & skips
  • Technique Drills - block starts & various kinomatics on body positions
  • Speed & Testing - maximum effort runs and timing

We also like to ensure that all our athletes touch on some strength component at every run day. This may be Squats or an Olympic Lift and some finisher program that includes basic push and pull bodyweighted exercises and core work.