Dirty Jumps (Horizontal Jumps)

Man stretching in the sand

"Dirty Jumps" has many factors that need to be trained before you can be good at it. As is the theme of our training philosophy you cannot simply train once a week for a discipline, there are just too many areas that need to be trained to include in one session.

In addition to just simply running and jumping into a pit some of the components include weight training, perhaps at first with simply body weight but this must be increased to free weights and fixed weights as this will help protect your body from getting injured upon producing and absorbing ground reaction forces. Progressions can include bounding and plyometrics, again if not well conditioned can cause more harm than good. Together if you have factored in flexibility we can now start to focus on your technique:

  • Run Up or Approach
  • Take Off
  • Flight
  • Landing

A weekly programme may include:

  • Standing jumps or Broad jumps
  • Jump progressions through 1-step, 3-step, 5-step & 7-step take off
  • Establishing an effective run up distance and stride frequency
  • Individualised focus on a single component per session
  • Coaching philosophy to restrict number of full jumps to 3-6 attempts per session
  • Data recording that may include timing gates, measuring
  • Selective Strength & Conditioning drills
  • Not to mention short-long sprints. Can't jump if you can't sprint