Our program is focused on where our skillset lays. That includes Shotput, Discus and Javelin.

Once a week training is not going to cut it, fact. Positions need to be reinforced, strength needs to be gained, mobility needs to be addressed and while we try include as many of those aspects at a single session it is not always possible.

A traditional training session will include:

  • Warm Up with basic gym based lifts and band stretches
  • Static Throw drills
  • Progressive throw drills
  • Full or complete throws

Two dedicated throw sessions are available on our calendar with regular squad members having the opportunity to gain extra strength and conditioning on Wednesday as well as having a throw or jump as part of a French Contrast training model

We like to expose our athletes to various training stimulii that compliments their long term development:

  • South African Throwing positions
  • Glide
  • Shuffle
  • Rotation