Rigid Strapping Tape (inMOTION)

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We like this brand, we use it in the gym around our wrists as extra support under the Wrist Straps. We use it to support knees and ankles for lateral support.
  • High strength, rigid strapping tape with strong zinc oxide adhesive*
  • Porous, yet offers extra strong support for strains and sprains
  • Serrated edges for faster tearing
  • Tan in colour

This is not a replacement for the strength you may lack as an athlete. Only hard work and rest will address that problem for you. We suggest rigid strapping as an injury prevention against the elements or contact sports and as usual if symptoms persist you need to see an Allied Health Practioner like one of our partners.

*Zinc Oxide may cause some skin discomforts. Can use oil based creams to help remove adhesive after use