Term Based Training Package (supporting NSW Active Kids Vouchers)

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Sporting Sports have their Track and Field season during different stages of the year depending on their association and affiliation.

Ideally we would like the athlete to take up the challenge in the term prior to the actual school carnival and knock out rounds taking place.

This allows us the best possible opportunity to take each athlete through the various microcycles required to obtain the necessary strength and conditioning and confidence to execute and have fun.

Muscle Endurance
Speed Endurance Specific Speed Technical Drills Co-Ordination Drills

Strength Training

Interval Runs Normal Tempo Runs Flying Sprints High Knees Frontside / Backside Drills Sled Runs
Breakdown / Build Up Runs Combination Runs Resistance Sprints Bounding Long / Short Leg Drills Med Ball & Dowel training
Pyramid Runs Hollow Sprints Block Starts Relaxation Runs Cone Drills Gym based Lifts


Our TRACK and FIELD programming is available to the PUBLIC on our website so everyone can see the sessions details.

Any specific or individualised information is then communicated 1:1 with athletes that require specialised programming on the day.


 Initial Assessment

  • Coach observes the athlete doing rudamentary tasks like tempo runs
  • Progressing to drills over cones and or sticks
  • Movement screen to test mobility
  • Refer to Allied Health Professional if tests fail
  • Continue with Introduction phase if successful
  • Gym Based Lifts - push & pull with progressives to Olympic lifts
  • On the Track - Standing starts and flying runs over varying distances
  • Technology Supported Tracking including:

Refer to our DASHBOARD to review Athlete Profiles and recorded statistics

Program Review

  • Progressive versus Regressive assessment
  • Able to repeat sessions without compromise - Proceed
  • Not compotent - assess - review - repeat


  • Coaches Eye - We have two coaches who review each athlete
  • Use of Technology to aid assessments
  • Feed data into athlete profile to be viewed at any time


1. Apply for the active kids sporting vouchers first before adding this product to the cart.

How do I apply?

2. Search for "Maximum Effort Speed & Strength Academy" on the NSW Services site.

3. Email the voucher to sales@maximumeffort.academy

4. Maximum Effort will send you a voucher code to be used during CHECKOUT, apply discount code and click on the arrow

5. Proceed to pay the reduced rate